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Published Feb 16, 2024
1 min read

Living Article: Types of Heat Pumps

When I say "Heat Pump," what comes to mind for you? For some, it evokes a mini-split, for others a fancy upgrade to their central air. But Heat Pumps are deployed in many more ways and environments than just those two, and Heat Pump Review intends on covering all of it (over time).

Today, I've published a Living Article (e.g., a permanent page for the site that will be updated over time) on the different Types of Heat Pumps . In the article I cover the different applications for heat pumps (e.g., Ambient Heating & Cooling, like in a Home, Office, or Auto); heat pumps used for water heating, heat pumps used for clothes drying, and more.

The article also covers the major sources or dumps for heat used in heat pumps, such as "air source" and "ground source" and which types of refrigerants are being used.

There is a section on scale as well: We're all most familiar with single appliance, single room, and whole home/office heat pump systems, but there is also a lot of emerging innovation on the "block" or "district" level.

Finally, there are also differences in the primary job or jobs of heat pumps... Some just cool the application in question (e.g., push heat out), some just heat the application in question (e.g., bring heat in), while some need to do both. What are the implications of these designs?

Visit our near Types of Heat Pumps page to learn more.

Nate Westheimer
Nate Westheimer Editor, Heat Pump Review
Nate Westheimer is the Editor of Heat Pump Review. He as worked in the tech industry for nearly 20 years, including as a Director of Technical Product Management at Amazon, the CEO of Picturelife, and as the Executive Director of the NY Tech Alliance.
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